Pfizer/Dow Golf League Overview


What: The Pfizer/Dow Golf League is a golf league for present employees, temporary contractors and retirees.

Where: The league will play at Jeffersonville Golf Club in Norristown, PA. For more info on Jeffersonville, please click here

Directions to Jeffersonville G.C.

For further information, please visit the Captain's List page and contact any of the captains listed.

When: On Thursday afternoons/evenings from April through August. League play can start from 4:10pm and no later than 5:30pm.

How: The play consists of nine hole handicapped matches with four players from each team pairing, playing a combination of match and medal play. Handicaps are calculated after each match to "level the playing field".

How Much: The yearly dues is $20 per player, plus your greens fee and cart (if needed).

Greens Fees: $21 per week, $8 additional for a cart.

League Format: The Pfizer Golf League plays every Thursday from early-April through late August. There are eight teams, consisting of approximately 10 to 15 players, four of whom play in a match each week. League members are not expected to play every week, however, it is very likely that you will be needed for four to six matches, out of a possible 12 regular season matches. This depends on your team roster and teammates' availability. If not playing a match for your own team, you may also substitute for another team, or play open. A player can play every week if they want to.

After the regular season, the top four teams qualify for the playoffs, and there are playoff rounds to play for the league championship. There is also a league banquet to conclude the season.

The league includes players of all abilities, and is an excellent way for players at the beginner or intermediate level to improve their game through regular play. The Jeffersonville Golf Club also has clubhouse for post-match comradery and refreshments.


Last Updated on 03/20/2015
By H. Schaefer